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What we Do

Equinox Physiotherapy Partnership Ltd treat clients who have had neurological injury through traumatic brain injury or illness and disease, such as stroke, multiple sclerosis, motor neurone disease, cerebral palsy, spinal injury or Parkinson’s disease.

Our assessments help provide a detailed analysis of the clients individual needs and our bespoke therapy packages ensure therapist and client goal orientated results are achieved.

Therapies used are applicable to the individual and their needs and may include some of the following:-

Hydrotherapy – provided by our trained therapists at Dimax Hydrotherapy services, which is located close to our clinic and provides sensory and accessible pools for a variety of clients and their needs. Through the medium of warm water a number of benefits can be achieved for the individual  helping stiff and sore joints to regain movement as well as strengthen muscles and provide a controlled level of weight bearing. With the unique properties of water, movement is facilitated where otherwise it may be difficult on dry land.

Sports Therapy and Conditioning – recovery from sports injuries and associated musclo-skeletal problems require a full restoration of fitness and physical health to participate in peak performance. At Equinox we have sports and conditioning coaches to restore that level of fitness and safe return to sport and activity. Through one to one instruction at our clinic based and/or at local fitness centres we are able to provide unique rehabilitation programmes suited to your needs.

(Functional Electrical Stimulation) – following neurological illness or injury there can sometimes be whole or partial loss of movement to an arm or leg. The necessary nerve information to the muscles that move the limb are reduced and in some cases the use of electrical stimulation helps temporary restore that movement and lay down information for the nerve and muscle to recover part of that movement itself. This electrical stimulation is carried out using Functional Electrical Stimulation where small currents via electrodes activate key muscles to reproduce a reduced or absent movement. It is often used in a combined functional movement such as gripping or releasing an object where hand control is reduced or activating a group of muscles in the act of walking. We assess each situation on a case by case basis as to its appropriate use to help restore functional movement.

Bobath Neuro-Physiotherapy Approach – is a concept that evaluates normal and abnormal movement in individuals who have experienced a neurological illness or event that affects how they move and function. Bobath therapists seek to resolve movement imbalances through the analysis of movement, alignment and facilitation of normal movement patterns through focussing on functional tasks and goals.

Spasticity Management Guidance – a number of approaches are used in the management of excess muscle tone following neurological illnesses or events. These can be managed in part by medication but also by physical measures and the use of splintage, orthotics and postural management. Our knowledge of the various aspects of management of spasticity and our links to key services allows us to give appropriate guidance and physiotherapy where needed.

Acupuncture – is regarded as a complimentary medicine that helps imbalances in the body physiology and health. It is used primarily in managing pain and the associated dysfunction with pain. Needles are inserted at sites determined by the presentation of individuals problems and symptoms and generally involves a course of treatment to balance the body and restore function.

Saebo Stroke Rehabilitation – we are a registered provider of Saebo products and provide assessments to evaluate the appropriateness of their rehabilitation products. We also provide therapy around the use of these products and ongoing rehabilitation it generates. Saebo Reach, Flex, Saebo Glove, Micro Stim and Saebo Stretch are a number of the products we can assess individuals for. See the website for further information.

Musculo-Skeletal Outpatient Services – with experienced staff and a well equipped clinic we are able to provide prompt tailor made physiotherapy for a variety of musculo-skeletal ailments for both spinal and limb problems. From impingement of the shoulder joint to low back pain we have a wide skill base to provide the most appropriate and effect treatment to return people to healthy lifestyles.

Kinesiology Taping – is used extensively in sport and in treating musculo-skeletal conditions and in addition we are using it extensively in neurological conditions to manage high muscle tone and low muscle tone presentations along with more general management of posture. We are a recognised supplier and provider of Rock Tape UK and run courses for therapists throughout the year.

Expert Witness Reporting – Equinox Physiotherapy are experienced and well placed to provide for the courts in the fields of brain injury, spinal injury and multiple trauma reports outlining rehabilitation needs in the interim period of rehabilitation, post injury and in providing quantum for future needs and intervention.

Occupational Health Physiotherapy Services – as a preferred provider for large organisations in the area in managing their occupational health physiotherapy needs, we are able to assess and treat in the work place environment and provide employees and employers with a healthier and productive place to work.

Specialist Equipment Assessments ( Motomed, Standing Frames etc) – Equinox Physiotherapy have a variety of specialist  rehabilitation equipment at our clinic with which we can assess and advise clients as to the suitability and benefits of incorporating such equipment into there rehabilitation programmes. Motomed is an example of assistive exercise for both the upper and lower limbs providing passive movement where necessary and allowing active movement where ever possible to restore the client’s own abilities.

Gait Analysis – through detailed analysis in realtime and slow motion camera we are able to assess individuals walking patterns that give rise to symptoms and reduced function be it at a walking level or running fitness. The use of treadmills and floor analysis helps determine the course of action in physiotherapy terms and in advice on the appropriate footwear and some orthotics. We have the provision to refer you on to specialist services in orthotics and podiatry services in the area.

Anti – Gravity Therapy -using a new version of the Alter G treadmill we are able to assist clients with weight bearing control and gait re-education for a number of conditions. From joint disease, fracture union to stroke rehabilitation and Parkinsons Disease the anti gravity treadmill provides a safe supported environment where falls are eliminated and limbs are protected during the process of ambulation and balance re education. In addition the anti gravity treadmill allows athletes to run pre and post competition without fear of injuring limbs. It also provides safe exercising for weight loss clients minimising the loading on their joints while the weight is reduced.


We are affiliated to – ACPIN, HCPC, and CSP

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